What to sell on the internet? Where to buy it?
This article assumes that you sell products in the online store, but not services. Before you start your business you should plan what will sell, where will procure it and how you store it.

There are several basic methods for conducting commerce over the Internet store.
Stock. Under this option, you buy pre goods in bulk from the manufacturer or distributor and storing them, while taking purchase product directly from the warehouse and send it to the client. This option brings the highest profit margin, but also requires the most investment. Goods are bought at wholesale prices.
Consignment. Under this option, the product is owned by another company until the sale. She can sit in storage at another company or to maintain single copies in your own store. When selling the product is taken from the respective location and sent to the client, the owner of the goods then charged to you, and you pay it to him. In Consignment goods are usually purchased at retail prices minus a discount, most often for Bulgaria varies between 20 and 35 percent. In other words, you sell a product for 10 lev and 30% TO 7 lev pay your provider.
Drop shipping. In drop shipping goods not only do not own and is not in your store, but did not pass through your hands. When selling notify your supplier and it sends the product directly to your customer. This model requires little investment, but then brings the small profit margin, as a trade discount of the retail price is even lower than that of the consignment. However, because of the easy and affordable way to provide a wide variety of products, this method is becoming more popular in other countries. In Bulgaria still a little merchants offer this service.

Of course, you can use different methods for different products in your website. In any case, if you use the first option (and in some cases second) you need storage space.


You can rent a room in a warehouse, or you can rent space from a company providing warehousing services. Depending on the products to sell, there may be certain requirements for their storage (eg food). You must of course think about security (protection from thieves, accidents and natural disasters). Consider the risk to the value of goods that can store and, if necessary, use services such as security guards, insurance, video surveillance.

Many internet marketers start using their own apartments, basements and attics for storage areas. This is a working option because Internet stores often do not require much storage space – with good organization can keep available small quantities of products offered. If you use your home for storage is better to predict particular room which can equip with appropriate furniture and organize a real store – otherwise you risk losing a lot of time in search of a product and can not easily keep track of your stocks.

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October 10, 2012
Choice of software for internet shop
So far already have a business idea, name and domain you have registered your company and you choose an Internet service provider. Based on the business idea you have established contact with your potential suppliers, they prepare an offer and you made all necessary accounts. The only thing you have left is the very website in which will carry out its business.

Who to hire?

There are thousands of companies on the market that can develop your website or store. How to choose?

At first, you must acquire basic technical knowledge to be able to have an objective evaluation on the offers you will receive. Here are the most important things in brief:

– Technology

Nowadays, all major sites are dynamic and in fact represent specialized software and database. The database stores information that the software processes in real time every time someone somewhere in the world wants to open a page. The result of this treatment is what you see on the screen. It is built dynamically for each individual visitor at each opening page. This allows you to treat every visitor individually and brings content to all possible parameters.


System for content management, also called CMS, this is software that processes the request by the visitor and contents of the database. CMS software can be developed individually for your project can be ready open source (ie free) and can be prepared and software for a fee. Who is the most appropriate option? First, do not recommend individual developed CMS, because then deprived of some very important things: additional features (if in the future you need anything depend on the developer, who has done site 5 years ago), maintenance (updating and troubleshooting ), reliability (this software is not tested – you are the only person who uses it).

When taking a turnkey solution you get a product that probably is the work of a large team of developers and a long-term project – this product will continue to improve with time. Whether it is paid or free solely depends on your budget and your personal preferences. CMS open source software in any event not more than paid such poor quality. On the contrary, some of the options in the market are of exceptional quality. The most popular ones are WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento. Our recommendation is WordPress – the most popular CMS on the world we use in all our projects to web design. Magento is a good solution which has much higher requirements for hosting and more expensive your project.

– Shopping cart

Shopping functionality itself is often a separate module of CMS software. Things that need to comply with the choice of shopping cart are:

– How manage the inventory? Can you build a relationship between inventory software (more about him in the next article) and site have correct stocks on the page?
– Can I prepare invoices directly (or other documents on request), or if you use external software for processing orders, does export orders in a format that other software you accept?
– Payment Methods – Does the method of payment that you want to enter?
– Does the other features that you want (for example, codes for discounts other regions of delivery, etc.)?