From year to year, users of the global network skyrocket. At the same time grow and their expectations and claims to websites. It is no longer enough to simply have a website, it is necessary to maintain relevant and quality content, stunning design, intuitive and fast navigation, compatibility with various devices and browsers, etc. Never requirements and challenges for Web developers have been larger and more comprehensive. Prerequisite that any “self-respecting” web developer to constantly be “in line” with the new trends on the Internet.

But where to learn about these tendenitsi? How to find the enormous “spider web” of information? Where to get practical guidance and recommendations?

There is one place that provides training in various fields of IT, and specifically in the areas of Web design and technology. This is not a new institution or paid course. In software Academy of Telerik are held free courses in programming and web design.

It is a complete training for Web developers of all levels (from beginner to advanced and professionals), which offers lectures and workshops on HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery other tools for creating websites. Education advocates as the basics of web tenhologiite and developments in this area as HTML5, CSS3 compatibility with different platforms, devices and browsers. The course presented some of the most popular systems for content management (CMS) such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and others. Teachers in the course are experts in various areas of web design and programming and provide practical tips and techniques for developing web front-end applications. The lecture is supported by many practical examples, and almost any topic ends with homework, aiming student himself “flex” learned. Furthermore, during the course develop practical projects that represent real Web Front-End applications. At the end of course projects are discussed and evaluated by teachers in the course.