You can follow these simple rules when selecting a contractor for the construction site – a guarantee you will be able to filter out a lot of unskilled web designers in this way.

First up, focus on their own website. Quality Is executed causes you admiration or disgust design? This is a very important factor. If the designer did not care about the type of your own web site will hardly do the same for your diligent enough.

This refers to a variety of factors – for example, looks like their website on your mobile phone? A tablet? If you have not got a separate mobile version of your site, they probably do not know how to do it – and you have trouble with this task for you.

Third is the loading speed. Check the speed of their website and several of the sites have done. If load fast enough, leave them in the list of potential designers.

Fourth: security! This is an extremely important factor. Mention it at all anywhere on your site security word? Do they care specifically for the security of the sites that create? How? If you do not mention this element, disconnect them from the list for consideration at all – there is a reason!
Customer Care

Send them a request and carefully read the response (if any) – Do they show that they care about you and your business? They ask careful questions, or simply rush to quote a traitor?

This is one of the most important factors. Instead of watching the number of projects, try to look at the complexity and quality of the already implemented ones. A good web design company performs its work with perfectionism – which means that their projects would look pretty good. Try to notice if they follow the same standard scheme – if so, avoid this company.

Colne method of contact you provide? Do they meet regularly and promptly to all queries? This is a very important factor, especially when it comes to long-term business relationship.

Make the minimum phone or Skype meeting with potential web designers and ask them to tell about the most interesting projects. Watch or listen to the tone of their voice, whether they are worried or friendly – more than the content of their words. Since it will be seen how it will continue eventual cooperation and what feelings will cause it to you for a long period of time.
Social network

Look at their Facebook page (if ever have any) – do more than 20 fans? This is extremely important because social business is usually adopted and qualitative one.