For the good ranking of your site on Google it is important to first provide the following parameters:
The most important keywords or phrases that you want your website to rank in the search engine
The domain of your site. It is desirable when choosing a domain name for your site to include the most important keyword in the domain name.
What type is your site (representative, personal or company website, online shop, blog or other site)
How is constructed the site (based on CMS platform or other site)
Loading speed of your website. Rapid loading of the site is essential for successful ranking in search results. Faster charging sites are enjoying a better rating from Google and most search engines.
How long ago made your site. Logically, if your site has new content and it is still not so rich, he is ranked far behind in search results. The process for the front rank is slow and also requires a lot of work related to enrichment site content and a lot of patience on your part.
How the content of your site is unique. The successful ranking of your site data must be unique and well chosen to focus primarily on relevant keywords or phrases for which you want it to rank higher positions in search engine … More on this topic
Ranking site in Google – Production sites and Web Design
To find out how your site ranks in Google, Bing and Yahoo on a particular keyword or phrase, I offer you a very good free tool made by me, thanks to which you may be looking for one or multiple keywords and It shows you exactly which page of your site you have achieved the ranking for that keyword or phrase.
Check how your site ranks in Google – Online tool

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