When you begin to search Google for a keyword or phrase and repeat several times demand may have noticed how your site begins to rank more ahead in the ranking. When you access the Internet from a computer, use the same browser and often use Google, to find the exact information you need, the search engine remembers those sites that you have found for that keyword and you opened them. When you start a new search for the same keyword or phrase, Google will automatically download site at the forefront and thus get accurate information about where in fact is actually your site in the rankings of results found, and if you move to another PC who have not used or start another browser on your computer and do again search for the same keyword will make sure that your site is again among the actual search results.
To be able to check the real, real deal on exactly where your site without having to sit on another computer or open a different browser than the one you used to date, simply run the same browser and go to mode – Incognito (Surfing InPrivate, Private Tab / Window, New secret section), which is supported by all popular browsers (Internet Explorer, Opera, Chrome, Mozilla). The mode is started from the main menu of the browser to open a new window or by right-clicking the icon on the browser.
There is another way in which you can delete the browser cache, but it is not especially useful because it will erase and other saved data from your web surfing. For this a better option to see the real results of the ranking of your site is to use a mode that does not identify you to Google, prevents the entry of data on your local machine in the browser and it is a new computer from which the request is sent search for the same keyword. In this way you can perform multiple search for the same keyword or phrase and make sure that your search results are really real.
I hope this article has been helpful to you! Good luck in your search!

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