It is called the address that appears in the address bar of the browser to load the site. The domain is visible immediately after the symbols http: // in the address bar of the browser, as on the homepage of the site and in all its inner pages.
For example, the link on this site is and the domain is The link to this page of the site is, as seen domain present in it.
Required every website should have its domain, the first step in developing a website is choosing a domain name.
Choosing an appropriate domain for a site at first glance seems a simple task. But at the first check on your chosen name, in most cases it turns out so that it is already taken or is it free, but not with the expansion, which to you is necessary.
You should know that the domain name of your site and the first thing visitors to the site see and remember this in the choice of the most accurate domain for your website need to spend a little more time as its substitution at a later stage it is not preferable, for the simple reason that if your site is already quite popular with a certain name, its change will cause loss of users and popularity of the site.
Choosing a domain name for the site
In this article I would like to offer you a few tips and recommendations which I hope to help and facilitate the choice of domain name for your site.
What extension is most appropriate for your domain?
Domain extensions are different, better-known of which are .com, .net, .info, .org, .biz, .eu and others. Definitely the most popular extension on the Internet domain is currently .com.
Most people remembered and displayed by default domains with the extension .com. If the domain you have chosen is with the extension .com and e free registration worth just stop it. If he is already busy, you can head to the next celebrity expansion .net. .org Extension is mainly for domain-profit organizations. Extensions .biz, .info, etc. They are less well known, and less preferred.
A .eu domains are intended mainly for the European market.
If you feel that your website is entirely directed and mainly to the Bulgarian audience, then you can select the domain extension .bg.
What name to choose your domain name?
Preferably the domain name of your site to contain the most important keywords related to the activities and themes of the site. At the same time domain to be as short, to remember and displayed easily. Too long domain will impede remembering him and will cause confusion in the spelling in the address bar of the browser.
If you want to promote your newly established company, you can use a domain name its name. And the best option is when the name of the company contains important keyword associated with its activities.
Advantages and disadvantages in the use of hyphens in a domain.
When choosing a domain name may be included more than one keywords or your company name plus keyword. When registering a domain is prohibited from using a space between two words, this options in this case are two write two words merged or separate them with a dash. For example, if you want to register a domain combining words fabrication site options for the formation of domain are the following – izrabotkasait or izrabotka-sait. Recently possible and registration of domain names in Cyrillic, but in this case the options for the formation of that domain will – izrabotkasayt or production site. If that word combination is already taken for registration can do inversion of words and in this case the options are – saitizrabotka or sait-izrabotka.
A major disadvantage of using indents in the indents that domain is difficult to remember, especially if more than one possible confusion of the whole domain in writing or if the domain is dictated in a conversation on the phone. The majority of the domains do not contain hyphens and is likely to miss the user hyphen in your domain in remembering and spelling, but in this case will fall directly on any other website, which of course is not preferable.
The advantage in using a dash in the domain name is that search engines can better distinguish the two separated keywords which affects the position of your site in the search results. Of course, that for the good ranking of your site in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and others should not rely only on good domain name, and other more important factors, such as SEO site optimization, rich and a unique website content, links to your website and more.
If this article was useful to you and you have made your choice of domain name can check whether the domain is available for registration here:
Check free domain name

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